We also provide fitness session for every age group at YOUR DOOR STEP IN LUCKNOW which will keep you flexible and give strength to your body. When you exercised regularly you can boost up your stamina, flexibility and you feel energized all day. This will also keep   your heart, kidney, livers etc healthy. Regularly workout will also help to maintain your mood swings, immunity and reduce your tensions. Daily movements of your body keep away many health issues from you and you live a healthy lifestyle confidently.

  • As per today’s scenario everyone has hectic schedule or may be far away from source we will provide you fitness sessions/treatment as per your medical history AT YOUR HOME. We also provide treatment for SPORTS INJURIES AND FITNESS AT YOUR DOOR STEP as well.  

 For Being healthy and fit in simple terms means taking good care of the body. We should remember that a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body Exercising regularly is the single most important thing you can do for your health. 

  • In the short term, exercise helps to keep your heart, kidney, liver and other organs of your body healthy and also boost up your stamina, and improve your sleep. 
  • In the long term, it reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes; dementia, depression, and it keep away from many neuro and ortho related problems.
  • There are some strength boosting exercises for adults which results good stamina, energy and activeness in the body. 
  • Obesity is spread in children very drastically nowadays because of junk food and indoor games. For a child At least 60 minutes of physical activity a day is required to keep them active and fit. For a child exercises are different from adults, because a child body is in growing stage so each exercise is designed accordingly.

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