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“I am retired officer. I had excess weight which cause of Sevier knee and back pain. Because of age factor I was not able to do exercise without any professional guidance. That’s why I undergone with Dr. Pushkar trivedi’s physiotherapy and diet counseling. After few session of therapy my back pain and knee pain starts reducing and simultaneously I followed the diet schedule and some simple exercises which he designed for me and my weight start reducing in healthy manner. Now my knee pain and back pain is fully cured. And I feel physically fit. Thank you so much Dr. Pushkar for your treatment and kind behavior with the patient. Best of Luck”.

Ajay Rastogi

For Physiotherapy & Diet counseling in Lucknow

-“This is to express my sincere thanks for treating my knee pain. It was huge challenge for me to climb a stairs, even I am not able to walk properly. Many doctors recommended me to go through surgery. But I was not sure for surgery. With your physiotherapy at home coupled with your practical approach to solving the problem, I could get relief within short span of time .Now I can walk easily and do my routine activities by own. I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best”.


For physiotherapy in Lucknow

“I have been a back pain patient for a decade now. Surgery was never an option for me. Working with Dr. Pushkar’s physio method taught me how to manage my pain, and build the requisite core muscles. It’s comforting to know that he is always available to discuss my back pain issues. I wish him all the best”.

Pooja Sharma

For Physiotherapy in Lucknow

“I am 65 year diabetic person was suffering from paralysis in body below waist. I was convalescing at home totally bedridden. We contacted to Dr. Pushkar Trivedi who agreed to treat me at home. His therapy and treatment helped me to first to sit up in bed, stand on my feet and start walking with walker, and today I am able to go out on my own, walking normally without aid of the walker or stick. Because of his diet counseling and schedule my diabetes is under control with less medicine. I am really grateful to Dr. Pushkar Trivedi for his advice and therapy”.

Surendra Pathak

For Physiotherapy & Diet counseling in Lucknow

“My name is Preeti Singh and my age is 32 years was overweight and because of this I had difficulties to conceive. I tried to reduce my weight by own but my weight was stuck. Then one of my relative advised me to contact with Dr. Pushkar Trivedi. I contacted to him and discussed my problems.he started his sessions and treatment and my weight starts reducing within first month of his treatment. Because of overweight I had back pain issues so he advised simple exercises so that may back was not pressurized. Within 5-6 month I lost 15 kg weight & 8 inches through his diet plan and excersies without any medicines and equipment. Now my back pain almost gone and many health parameter thyroid, b12, calcium also improved. Thereafter, I conceived and after delivery again I reduced my 12 kg weight which was gained during pregnancy. I am thankful to Dr. Pushkar Trivedi for his patience, continues efforts and treatment. I suggest him everyone who fight for weight reductions”.

Preeti Singh

For Physiotherapy, weight reduction& diet counseling in Lucknow

-“I am glad that I got an appropriate guidance and treatment from Dr. Pushkar Trivedi for the continuous pain I had in my arm. I had injured my arm and wrist so badly that there used to be continuous pain and I had difficulties in doing my routine activities and lifting weight also. Dr. Pushkar suggested physiotherapy sessions which helped me in getting quick relief from pain and that too without using au medicine and equipment. After physiotherapy session the result were truly amazing and I could get 100% relief and now I am able to do all routine activities plus I can play sports without any worriers am thankful to Dr. pushkar Trivedi for his physiotherapy and treatment.”

D.K. Agarwal

For Physiotherapy in Lucknow

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Our team of highly trained professionals uses the latest healing technologies to restore you to pain-free health, quickly and easily. We thoroughly evaluate & treat all of the contributing root factors related to your issue.

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We run 6DAY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM & you will get 100% visible result within 6day that’s OUR COMMITMENT without any medication, steroids & gymmimg equipments to every age group AT YOUR DOOR STEP IN LUCKNOW. If you don’t have any serious medical condition.

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