Our Perspective

Physiotherapy is more than just treating clinical conditions or improving treatment techniques.Behaviour modification and change in thinking plays a major role in recovery.

We focused on the patient perspective that has defined as the self perceived impact of the health condition on their life. For us to build a partnership with patients are more important through physiotherapy session so that we can make us a preferred partner of choice to other Healthcare Providers.

Our approach

We determine your current level of functionality and your expected goals. Together, we set out a plan for achieving and maintaining those goals making it the treatment that works best for you.

It is a joint process - WE bring the EXPERTISE; YOU commit and follow through with IMPLEMENTATION. The end result is that you recover and get back to your life; and take ownership of your physical health too.


BePhysiofit Fitness

We offer service for a wide variety of conditions like back pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain, fractures & dislocations, joint replacement surgeries, rehab for  Neuro and  Sports injuries etc AT YOUR DOOR STEP IN ALL OVER LUCKNOW. we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of patient care and provide highly advanced Physiotherapy and Rehab service.

Our approach to recovery is what makes us UNIQUE. We believe in involving YOU in your treatment. That is why we educate you about your physical condition, its causes and effects. We help you recover and train you to maintain your activity levels even after the treatment is over and guide you how to prevent injury or recurrence of a specific condition in future.

BePhysiofit Fitness also provides FITNESS assessment and treatment, DIET COUNSELLING in the comfort of home in LUCKNOW. For a home visit, our Physiotherapist will bring specialized equipment to facilitate recovery.


Our Process

Awareness & Target

First you should understand about your condition/injury is most important thing towards your recovery. When we came to our door step you will be given a thorough assessment. We will give time to you to create awareness about your body mechanics, movement patterns, existing condition/injury, types of treatment, exercises and help you set specific goals.

Our main focus on speedy recovery as well as raising your confidence in using the affected joint on a daily basis.


In recovery process we recognize that you are in pain and/or unable to move the way you want to. Our practitioners can offer the best of methods to reduce pain improve mobility and improve functionality. In case of joint replacements, we can begin to assist you at home, as soon as you are discharged. Our focus is to reduce pain and odoema as much as possible along with retraining the muscles to gain strength and speeding up the recovery.


When you get some session of physiotherapy, your pain may be reduced; but the key is to get back to your previous level of function. This can be achieved only through the right form of exercises. Using our extensive knowledge in exercise prescription, we will develop an exercise regime that best fits your treatment and your schedule and lifestyle. This will help you to regain your movement and maintain it on your own at your home.


We believe that our true success lies in the fact that our client can maintain the physical recovery on his/her own even after the completion of therapy. Therefore prior to the completion of physiotherapy sessions you are provided with clear list of “Dos and Don'ts" and suggestions to improve your lifestyle or the steps to maximize benefit after a physiotherapy.

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